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  Plastics themselves can be degraded naturally, just because this process of natural degradation may take hundreds of years - which is absolutely not permitted by human living environment - so we must try to make them digested by organisms in the short and medium term after the end of their service life.
  This is an efficient fast food knowledge gradually formed in the fast-growing modern city, which matches the growth of the economy. As part of fast food knowledge, in addition to the perfect match of chefs and guys in every fast food restaurant, there is no lack of packaged lunch boxes for food. It is reported that the prevalent foam type of lunch box in the market has been exposed to the media for many times not environmentally friendly. It has been gradually unacceptable by consumers, that is, most workers and students, causing its use and production to become increasingly low.
  Biodegradable materials: such as paper products (pulp-containing moulded paperboard coating) edible powder moulding plant fiber moulding; photodegradable materials: photodegradable/biodegradable plastics (non-foaming), such as photobiodegradable PP; easy to recycle materials: such as polypropylene (PP), high impact polystyrene (HIPS), biaxially stretched polystyrene (BOPS) filled polypropylene with natural inorganic minerals. Composite material products, etc.
  With the development of tourism, the business of the surrounding restaurants is booming, and 90% of the restaurants here use disposable tableware because of the large flow of people. First, it is sanitary and safe, second, it is convenient and fast, and tableware is placed directly without washing.
  Large-scale structural adjustment has taken place in disposable tableware industry in China. High-end disposable tableware industry enterprises have begun to take the pro-people line, while middle and low-end disposable tableware industry enterprises have more entered restaurants, chain fast food restaurants, community breakfast service outlets, etc. disposable tableware enterprises tend to operate locally.
  At present, disposable tableware has not been popularized in some areas. Hotels are still using the tableware provided by themselves, and then use it after washing. This is also a market opportunity, that is, no distributors have occupied the market here, or a very potential market.
  The development of disposable tableware industry in China has gone through the initial stage, the quantitative stage, the large-scale stage and the brand building stage. A new development pattern has initially been formed, which includes diversification of investment subjects, diversification of business forms, chain operation modes, characteristics of brand building, popularization of market demand, and transformation from traditional industry to modern industry.
  In fact, as long as it is environmentally friendly disposable tableware, it will be favored by consumers, many advantages and benefits will also allow consumers to choose PS food-grade disposable crystal tableware.
  As the saying goes, the choice is not right, struggling in vain! Restaurant takeaway is most afraid of doing good taste, no good food box packaging, did not choose a good lunch box, resulting in good dishes are also customers Tucao. There are many phenomena, such as no security guarantee outside, no proper capacity for security and assurance, inadequate small portions of food, large portions of food, etc. These phenomena occur from time to time. The waste of resources, the fall of trust between customers and restaurants will eventually disappear in some restaurants, and the flow of customers will become a foregone conclusion. To make lunch boxes and take-out, the former does not exclude the safety of materials, materials, sizes and models, and good surface design. It is just like restaurant cooking to achieve full color, fragrance and taste, so that it is reliable to pass the market norms.
  想必各位对一次性塑料餐具已经相当知晓了,我们平时在一点点餐馆经常看到这类餐具。它的特性就是一次性,这一次性的特质呈现出来它的优颓势。一次性塑料餐具是比较卫生的,一般在一点点餐馆中进进出出的客人还是比较多的。在少许卫生管理不严苛的餐馆里, 纵使经过消过毒的筷子也不是很清洁。而一次性产品却治理了这个问题。
  Presumably you already know a lot about disposable plastic tableware, which we often see in restaurants at a little bit. Its characteristic is one-time, which shows its advantages and disadvantages. Disposable plastic tableware is relatively sanitary, generally in a little bit of restaurant in and out of the guests or more. In a few restaurants where hygiene is not strictly regulated, even sterilized chopsticks are not very clean. But disposable products solve this problem.
  PS (ps-polystyrene thermoplastic resin molecule possesses the properties of heating softening, cooling hardening and no chemical reaction, which can be maintained no matter how many times heating and cooling are repeated). This material is the national designated anti-bacterial PS raw material for food. The national designated anti-bacterial PS raw material for food has excellent air permeability, light transmittance, molecular invariance and so on. It has good rigidity, poor toughness, no plasticizer and no filler added; raw materials are simply moulded by one injection at high temperature, possessing excellent disinfection and sterilization characteristics, the products are crystal clear, healthy and environmentally friendly, magnificent and generous, without oil, dirt, dust and bacteria, and the permeability is 1.14-1.5 times that of glass products; it has excellent effect of preventing bacteria and preparing.

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